Roof Coatings

Texas Showcase Roofing Austin, TX is certified by GE Silicone, the number one coating in the industry.

Roof coating for metal roofs by Texas Showcase Roofing
Roof coating for metal roofs

GESilicone is specialty patented roof silicone that is:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Withstands ponding water
  • Expands and Contracts with the heat of the roof
  • 100% Tax Deductible the First Year
  • Half the cost of a new roof!

GESilicone has warranties up to 20 years for materials AND workmanship!

No other manufacturer in the industry has a warranty like that. GE is a well-known manufacturer in a billion dollar industry and stands behind their product and our application of their product.

Comprehensive Services

Our roof coatings can be used on a variety of systems such as metal roofs, flat roofs, tile roofs and shingle roof systems.

Roof Coating Results

Check out these amazing transformations.

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