Roof Repair Or Replacement

Ensure you have a sturdy roof over your head with comprehensive roof repair or replacement services from the expert team of Texas Showcase Roofing!

Whether you need repairs to your residential or commercial roof or a full replacement, our team can handle all types of roof systems.

Experience you can Trust

Founded in 2009, Texas Showcase Roofing is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing you with reliable repair solutions.

About Roof Repair

Repairs are available for:

  • Asphalt composition shingles roof systems
  • Metal roof systems
  • TPO Energy efficient roof systems
  • Tile roof systems

The Primary Cause Of Roof Failure

According to the National Roofing Contractor’s Association…
“All roofs should get a semi-annual maintenance tune-up twice a year. Once in early Spring and once in Fall.”
Why? The sun is damaging your roof. Contrary to popular believe, the sun (not the wind/hail/rain) is the number one cause of roof failure.

During the heat of the day, your roof expands and at night it contracts. This expansion and contraction causes cracks to occur around all the areas where sealant was applied such as around the pipe flashings and valley cuts at first. In addition to cracked sealant, the heat within your attic causes the shingles to cook from the inside out. They shingles become brittle and the granules begin to fall off giving your roof a “shiny” appearance that means the shingles need replacement.

Professional Service

Texas Showcase Roofing is proud to be one in 10 out of 400 roofing companies to field a GAF Master Elite Certified team!

Handling over 1,000 roofs to-date, our team can help you determine exactly what service your roof needs including restoration, replacement, remodeling and even storm restorations.

About Roof Replacement

With a variety of materials to choose from, Texas Showcase Roofing will replace your roof with ease.

Family-owned and operated since 2009, our GAF Master Elite Certified team has serviced over 1,000 roof units in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Replacement services you can count on for years to come.

Whether your existing roof has been damaged, or simply worn out, Texas Showcase Roofing offers manufacturer warranties from 20 years to lifetime warranties on all re-roofing services.

Ensure a more efficient roofing system with a variety of materials.

  • Tile – Weather resistant, durable, long-life, low maintenance cost, easy to replace individual tiles
  • Clay Tiles – Available in an array of shapes, sizes, textures and fade-free colors. Durable and very strong and resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Concrete Tiles – Low cost and very durable
  • Metal – Weather and wind resistant, durable, energy-efficient, low maintenance
  • Asphalt – Easy installation, low maintenance, attractiveness, lightweight and affordable

The Roof Repair or Replacement DEAL

When you purchase a home from a builder or owner that’s never had the roof replaced, you more than likely have an inadequate roof.

Builders use the cheapest materials possible such as:

  • Standard felt paper for Underlayment
  • Standard 3 tab shingles for hip/ridges
  • Standard valley metals
  • Inadequate ventilation

In order to make your roof better we include $500 worth of FREE upgrades to ensure your roof will last many years to come.

The type of upgrades you get will depend on what you need to make your roof better. Our professional sales staff will perform a detailed inspection of your roof to let you know where we can apply the $500 in free upgrades.

Contact us today for a FREE Roof Inspection.